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7 Must Include Survival Food Items

7 Must Include Survival Food Items

When you visit the grocery to stockpile survival food items, you won’t want to miss the following self-preserving food items that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Which other food can you count on during an emergency if you miss them out?


1. Honey

You won’t want to resist the sweet taste of honey as a sweetener if you have ever used it before. It is a food source you will not want to miss out on your survival food list. It is a self-preserved food that doesn’t go rancid but may crystallize when it stands for a long time. Aside from being a health benefits food sweetener, honey is also a good energy source due to its sugar content. Furthermore, honey has antimicrobial effects and can be used for wound dressing. Finally, honey is a healthy food that should not be left out of your survival food items.

2. Salt

Salt gives your bland survival food a great taste that you can’t resist. Can you? It is a long-lasting mineral with indefinite shelf life. So a pinch of it in a survival food is what you need to impact a bland food with a great taste. It is also a good source of sodium – an important electrolyte that keeps your system functioning.

3. Rice

Rice is a versatile starchy food that is useful in preparing various meals. You can’t tell how many different type of meal you’ve ever used rice to prepare. Can you? Rice doesn’t quickly spoil if protected from the pest, and it is a great survival food that must not be left out of your kit. Only white rice will serve this purpose, as brown rice contains oil and can quickly get rancid. In addition, Brown rice stays only for a few months, unlike white rice, that last for a long time.

4. Corn Starch

Do you remember corn starch – your regular thickening agent for preparing good gravy and thick roux? It is not only suitable for that purpose. You can also use it to soothe sunburns and diapers rashes. For corn starch to serve this survival purpose, ensure you keep it dry by resealing it after use. That will also make it useful for a long time.

5. Sugar

All forms of sugars: Brown, white, powdered sugars, etc., have a long shelf life. It is just that sugar hardens with time. When that happens, break the lump and enjoy your sugar again. As much as you need the sugar, pests need it more. So, ensure you keep it safe from them. Sugar is your reliable food sweetener. Some people cannot do without it, and when you have enough when others don’t, you can get anything you want. Sugar is excellent survival food.

6. Liquor

Liquor has long been used for its calming effect on the troubled mind. But, aside from this obvious use, it can also be used as a fire starter and a significant bartering for a chip. Imagine what you can make by offering it to people who escape from crisis and looking for a way to relax? Liquor is survival food.

7. Maple Syrup

Maple syrup isn’t just for pancakes; you can use the syrup to flavor varieties of survival food to enjoy an outstanding and pleasant flavor. It goes well with all sorts of food. In addition, maple syrup lasts a long shelf life and can easily be stored for survival purposes.


The long shelf life of the food mentioned above makes them suitable and reliable to be stored for survival purposes. So, forget the commercial survival food bars and stockpile these long shelf-life survival foods for your emergency need.



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